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Sanitas Skincare Body

Formulated with the same philosophy as our facial line, Sanitas assortment of Body Products are active and nourishing. You'll achieve maximum skin health by encouraging your skin do what it was created to do best – rejuvenate and protect. Formulated with AHAs and biogenic vitamins and botanicals, daily use of these products will leave skin smooth, nourished and hydrated.
Sanitas Skincare Active Body Wash 236ml.
Unit Price: $28.00 $22.40
Sanitas Skincare Active Body Wash exfoliates skin from head to toe.
Sanitas Skincare Energizing Facebody Wash 235ML
Unit Price: $27.00 $21.60
An invigorating, dual purpose cleanser formulated for mens skin to help lift...
Sanitas Skincare Hand Therapy 236 ml
Unit Price: $19.00 $15.20
A non-greasy, nutrient dense hand therapy that restores dry, chapped or aging...
Sanitas Skincare Milk & Honey Body Butter 200 ML
Unit Price: $32.00 $25.60
A rich, luxurious moisturizer designed with milk and honey to hydrate and...
Sanitas Skincare Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub 236 ML
Unit Price: $32.00 $25.60
A nourishing body scrub that gently refines skin texture and helps revitalize...
Sanitas Skincare Orange Pomegranate Body Lotion 236 ML
Unit Price: $24.00 $19.20
A nutrient-rich, moisturizing body lotion that hydrates even the driest skin...
Sanitas Skincare Orange Pomegranate Body Wash 236ML
Unit Price: $27.00 $21.60
A refreshing, invigorating body wash that gently exfoliates dead skin cells,...
Sanitas Skincare PediMask 60ML.
Unit Price: $27.00 $21.60
An intensive, hydrating foot mask that helps remove rough, dry skin and...
Sanitas Skincare Vitamin C Body Lotion 236g ML
Unit Price: $25.00 $20.00
A nourishing body lotion that seals in hydration and helps replenish the...