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Healthy, Beautiful Skin Is Our Mission.
Accent Touch has been dedicated to promoting good health and great skin care, and for twenty years Sanitas Skincare products have consistantly delivered lasting, optimal skin and body health.

Sanítas means good health in Latin.

Sanítas Skincare was founded almost 20 years ago as a direct response to the need for skincare that actually works with the body’s own biochemistry. At Sanítas we have a unique philosophy about how to care for skin. Our products are designed to help treat common skin disorders to bring back to its normal, healthy state. The skin grows and regenerates through proper nutrition and supplementation. Sanítas products create healthy skin by utilizing both topical and internal skincare strategies.

If you have questions or need guidance, don't hesitate to call us.  You will be speaking to licensed estheticians ready to guide you in your quest to beautiful skin.
Sanítas Skincare products are formulated in Louisville, Colorado.

Sanitas Progressive Skinhealth is divided into four catagories and in each additional catagories to address your skin condition.
Progenerate -The foundation for healthy skin starts here. This collection features customized, daily essentials that are specially formulated for sensitive, dry, normal, combination and oily skin types. A simple daily regimen of cleanser, serum and moisturizer will help strengthen and prepare your skin to progress to the Activate and Optimize categories for rapid results.

Progenerate - Sanitas Sensitive Skin Progenerate - Sanitas Dry Skin Progenerate - Sanitas Combination Skin Progenerate - Sanitas Normal Skin Progenerate - Sanitas Oily Skin
Sensitive Dry Combination Normal Oily

Activate - Designed to activate skin rejuvenation levels and elevate results, this collection of ascending products integrates powerful technologies for progressing the health of the skin. Integrate one or more of these products into your Progenerate and Optimize programs to prevent your progress from plateauing.

Polish Refine Resurface Vitamin C Illuminating Vitamin A Rejuvenating
Polish Resurface Refine Vitamin C
Vitamin A

OptimizeFormulated to optimize the results of the Progenerate and Activate categories, this collection of targeted, therapeutic products is designed to help rehabilitate challenged skin. When combined with the proper Progenerate and Activate programs, the correct selection of Optimize products will advance skin to its most healthy, optimal state.

Age Defy
Age Defy Brighten Calm Clarify Eye Hydrate

Fortify - Diet and lifestyle are major contributors to most skin challenges that manifest topically. A strategy of proper nutritional supplementation can target the root causes of common skin concerns and help protect from future damage. Progress your skin’s health to its maximum potential by including these targeted supplements into any skin care program.